dimanche 27 octobre 2013

New YORK le REtour

Hi guys, here we are back from thE gReat City of AmericA, 

New York!

I found it so photogENic that each photo you do, looks always amazing and it's like doing a report for National GeOgraphic. 
Just for you,  to give you a taste of our little tour in the West side... 

One of the famous symbols of New York after the Statue of the Liberty,  is Brooklyn Bridge. Then if you feel hungry, you will certainly deserve a large plate of french fries served with the famous hamburger.  So don't hesitate and have the best oF iT!
More coming soon, of Greenwich village, Times Square so busy, Brooklyn Heights the area Achille preferes, Dumbo and Williamsburg so hipsTEr and I will tell you where to find the best cheese cake, chocolate brownie or the falafel I like so much and of course  los tacos, the pancakes and the bagels...sEE you verY sooN Guys!

By the way Very Happy birthday HoNEY...

mercredi 9 octobre 2013

Projet NYC

 We've deciDED to do a great trip with the children!
             tHe big Apple where all  wantS to go once!
So that's it, wherE we ARE   going                          NEW YOrk CiTY.                                               
aT the moment we are PrepaRing  all the staff, passports, travel tickets, cards, so much to think about!
 We are also planning what to do, what to visit, where to eat, where to stay!
And  we know there are 10 places not to be missed under any pretext..
Such as tHE Empire State Building, Greenwich village, CenTRAL pARK, Brooklyn BridGE, also tHE So famoUS MoMA OR The GuggenheiM Museum impossible to miss, there are the greatest Museum of Modern Art in the WORld! of course the Statue of Liberty the symbol of all the City, CHina town, Times Square Broadway, fifth Avenue and so many delicious places to have a good meal,  breakfast or a drink on a roof top of a luxury hotel in Brooklyn!
                                                 leaving in less than 10 DAYS!!                                                                             it's very  EXCIting. 

the City is open to us...